Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leno Calls NBC Execs "Snake"

Leno is obviously pissed at the publicity that NBC will replace him with Fallon. This news should not be a shock to a guy who was replaced by the 12:35 guy just a few years ago. NBC needs to check their short term memory. Moving Leno out of 11:35 did not work. The ratings are not going to up if Leno leaves. Even though Fallon is a better fit for "The Tonight Show" than Conan was, it's still a new show. It is still something for people to get used to. Look at Kimmel. His ratings were fine at midnight, but didn't improve the 11:35 slot when he took over for "Nightline." In fact the numbers went down around 25% in the February sweeps from a year earlier when the news magazine was there. Obviously, Kimmel didn't improve the post local news spot, but ABC is banking their jobs and 401K that he eventually will. What's the over under that "Nightline" will be back by Fall?

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